Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Laid-Back 31 DC: Geometric

I love today's challenge. Painting the tiniest, most complicated patterns I can find onto my nails is totally my kind of thing. I thought about going with a stamp, but I'm still horrible at stamping. Plus I kind of like the imperfections that come with hand painting. 
I searched google for some inspiration and found this. It's definitely a lot harder than it looks to freehand. The pinkie was my first attempt, but I got all the lines too boxy instead of angled like the picture. I tried again on the middle finger, but it didn't really work out too well. I liked the design well enough though and decided to keep it.

I used:
2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Ion
Sinful Colors in Dream On (purple)
Spoiled, Distant Memory (teal)
A tiny paintbrush and a lot of patience

There are so many possibilities for this challenge. I can't wait to see all the others.