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  1. hi. i love your site. I am looking for the SH #180 pearl crush polish in clam digger. It is the black one. It is nowhere to be found in the NW burbs of Chicago. Ive been looking for weeks and nobody will help me. I'm currently in the hospital for chemo/radiation for a stem cell transplant for lymphoma. I weight 95 pounds and cannot drive even if I was home. I can pay someone ahead of time and give them shipping info or they could buy the polish and then let me know how much I owe them and I can send it via paypal with shipping info. I hate asking strangers for help but I have nobody to ask. My family are all gone and I am not married so I guess I am alone, I have no way to get this without asking for help. The usual venues of looking on line and calling all the stores in a 50 mile radius to my house have been exhausted. If there is someone who can help me, please contact me at I would be so very, very appreciative. I am always wearing some version of black or gray polish. It is my signature manicure/pedicure. Please, please help me be able to achieve this look for my next mani/pedi. Thank you for listening. Karen S.