Friday, June 27, 2014

Neon and a New Nail Shape- Almond (Pros and Cons)

I've been contemplating trying this almond nail shape out for a while now. It's really hard to make the decision to file off half your free edge! Ultimately what convinced me was seeing that Liesl has been rocking this shape for a while. If it was so bad she would have switched back by now right? So, what do you think? Good choice? I know this shape isn't for everyone, but in the spirit of trying All The Things related to nail art this seems like the next big step. Read on to see my pros and cons.

Almond Nail Shape- Neon Leopard Half Moon

*Edgy- I like trying new things and prefer my nail art to be a little badass. Also, way less permanent than a bad hair cut.
*Less chips- My theory is that the edges chip more because they bang into things and there's now less surface area for that to happen. The theory seems to be holding up pretty well so far.
*It's more me right now- The longer I wear this shape the more I think it suits me. I like how pretty and delicate they are.
*Length- I've been wearing these for a few weeks already waiting to give them the big debut on the blog and they're already much longer than I would normally wear them. They do feel less prone to breaks or tears since those blunt corners are gone.

*Feels like nubbins at first- My long nails have prevented my baby soft fingertips from touching anything in the world these past several years. Now the edges of my fingertips are making contact with surfaces again for the first time and it's a little tender.
*I'm afraid I'll poke my eye out- Ok, not really a huge concern, but I am having a small re-adjustment period for learning how best to touch/grab/scratch things without poking too hard.
*Hard to get the shape right at first- I could have used a little more length to start off with this shape. The longer they grow the better the shape is becoming.

Almond Nail Shape- Neon Leopard Half Moon

Almond Nail Shape- Neon Leopard Half Moon

I'm really enjoying rocking this shape so far. It's well suited to the way my nails like to curve and I love that it's a bit unique even when I'm just wearing a plain color. If you're thinking about trying this shape I say go for it. I'd love to hear what you think about my new shape (yeah, even if you hate it). Let me know. :)

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