Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bleached Peach

 I've been dying over the Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons collection, but not enough to actually go out and look for/buy them. The problem is while I think they look great together I don't necessarily love any of the colors individually. Out of all of them the peach shade was my favorite so I set out to franken my own version of Bleached in Peach. It's not a dupe for sure, but I really love how mine turned out. I named it Bleached Peach- soooo creative of me.

You might also notice I'm about two months behind on posting my manicures and I've been going a bit out of order. I painted these right after I filed my nails into their new shape. If you scroll back through the last three I posted you can see how the shape has been progressing and becoming more refined (and longer). I noted on my first post after changing the shape I started out a little too short to successfully pull off almonds and this post shows it. They were a bit nubby for what I was hoping to accomplish, but happily it all works out right in the end.

Bleached Peach Franken Polish

Bleached Peach Franken Polish

Now for the "recipe." I'm glad I wrote it down because there's no way I'd remember now. I started out with a mini bottle half full of white polish. I added in some random unnamed orange cream polish and Sinful Colors, Boogie Nights (a sheer coral shade). It wasn't looking quite the shade I wanted so I added a few more things to tweak the color a bit. I put in a few drops of Diamond Head Breeze from Island Girl (this one is a bright neon pink) and a few drops of Sinful Colors, Unicorn (a pastel yellow). I shook it all up and this is how it came out.

The formula was truly awful. It could have used a few (or ten) drops of thinner but for some reason I stubbornly struggled through most of the manicure without adding any. I think the white polish I started out with was from an old bottle and was a bit too thick from the beginning. Otherwise I was really happy with my creation. This color is perfect for summer and the wear was decent. I love being able to throw together polishes I already have to make something new to suit whatever mood I'm in.

Bleached Peach Franken Polish

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