Monday, May 4, 2015

30 Days of Colour: Purple/Dry Brush

30 Days of Colour Challenge Purple Dry Brush Milani Texture

Day two of the challenge is Purple/Dry Brush. I have more purples in my collection than any other color so this one was more challenging for me. I have way too many polishes to choose from easily. I finally settled on this textured polish from Milani because I haven't used it before and I thought the texture would make the dry brush technique a little more interesting. 

This polish, Lovely Lavender from Milani, is a true one-coater. The first coat covered so well, I didn't even bother adding a second. If texture polishes are your thing this one is pretty awesome. I found them on sale for under a dollar each so I picked up two other Milani textures that are also shades of purple. Now I'm a bit more excited to try them. I've used a few other textured polishes and wasn't fan, but the application on this one was so easy and it dried really fast. The removal was a piece of cake too. I expected it to be really rough and gritty, but it wiped off easily and I didn't even feel like I was sand-papering my nails.

For the dry brush technique you wipe most of the polish off the brush and then apply it in splotchy streaks over your base color. I used Queen B from China Glaze. This dark purple is one of my favorite shades and I think it goes pretty well with the lavender. I love how the tops of the texture bumps picked up the dark polish all over and then I really had to smush the brush in to get the darker splotches. It gives it a really neat distressed look.

30 Days of Colour Challenge Purple Dry Brush Milani Texture

I have to admit, as much as I loved working with this polish (and it looks so cool) it just doesn't feel right! Every time I touched it against my face or my other fingers I couldn't stand it. I know it totally defeats the purpose of a texture, but next time I'll have to top coat it.

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