Monday, July 27, 2015

Work Appropriate Nails- Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Gradient Nails Work Appropriate

It's been so long! Too much has happened and I don't know where to start. You might guess from the title though- I got a job! I went to my interviews a couple weeks ago and thought they went well. One called me back for a second interview and both promised to let me know something by the end of the week. In the meantime my grandma died so I got on a plane to go back home in the middle of the week not knowing what would happen with my job search. The day after I went back to CA both places offered me jobs so I got to pick the offer I liked better (yay). I had a great week hanging out with my husband and seeing family. Even though it wasn't the best circumstance for a trip back it was amazing to get to see everyone. Then it started getting really crazy. I flew back to Oregon on Tuesday night and started my new job Wednesday morning. Then I promptly came down with a horrific stomach flu and had to call in sick on my second day of work. If I thought job searching was stressful it's nothing compared to trying to find a place to live. Very few places here seem to be pet friendly and the ones that are are booked up through next year! The kitty is non-negotiable so the search continues. The hardest part, though, is being without my husband. He's still working a couple more weeks back in CA and waiting for me to find us a place to move into. He's the logical one who said it would be crazy for us both to quit our jobs at the same time and I know he's right, but yuck! I'm not one of those people who can happily go weeks at a time without seeing my boys (husband and cat). I'm ready for this all to be settled!

Baby Boomer Gradient Nails Work Appropriate

After that super long ramble let's talk about these nails. I've seen these baby boomer nails online recently (mostly in acrylics though) and wanted to try them. Apparently no one knows why they're called baby boomers, but it's basically a nude base with white gradient tips. I feel like it's a slightly more fun version of a french tip. All my good nude polishes were back in Oregon when I painted these so I dug through my remaining stash and found Set the Nude from Ulta. I don't know if my bottle has changed colors because I feel like this used to be skin toned, but now it looks really grey. It perfectly matches the drab grey fence at the apartment I'm leaving behind. I sponged on white tips with a damp makeup sponge and LA Colors White polish. I wasn't sure what the dress code was for my new job yet, so I wanted something safe to start with. I was quite pleased to find out there is no dress code and I'm now happily wearing neon nails which I'll show you soon. These interview/work nails were fun and all but I was ready for some color!

Baby Boomer Gradient Nails Work Appropriate

Do you have a stressful moving or new job story? I'd love to hear it. Help me feel better about my crazy life choices by telling me this will all be worth it in the end.

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