Sunday, November 15, 2015

Harry Potter Inspired Nails

Harry Potter Inspired Nails with hallows, snitches, glasses and lightning bolts

This weekend Eugene hosted its first Comic Con in 10 years. What a lucky coincidence that we just moved here right? I actually hadn't ever been to a Con before, but very jealously look at pictures from San Diego every year wishing it wasn't so far/expensive/tickets sold out within 30 seconds of going on sale. I think this smaller Con was a great first experience. I got to meet Vegas PG (she was awesome) and check out a lot of cool vendors. 

I didn't dress up this time, but you know at least my nails had to be in costume. I've been listening to the Harry Potter series on audio book the last couple months and right now I'm on the last one. I read all the books when they came out years ago, but it's been really fun going through them again. This cute little drawing of Harry Potter symbols was the perfect inspiration for the nails I painted for Eucon. It's got little hallows, lightning bolts, Harry's glasses, golden snitches and flying keys.

Harry Potter background drawing

I started with two coats of 4 In the Morning from OPI which is a dark grey/black matte polish. I used Sally Hansen Color Foil in Liquid Gold to hand paint the symbols, then finished it off with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat for good measure.

Harry Potter Inspired Nails with hallows, snitches, glasses and lightning bolts

Here's a picture of me next to an awesome Tardis. I also saw lots of Doctors but unfortunately none of them offered me a ride. So I'll just keep on blogging for you all in the meantime. I'm really exited to check out some of the bigger cons in Portland next year. It's going to be really hard deciding what my next costume should be though.

Nerdy for Nails with a Tardis at Eugene Comic Con- Eucon