Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Sparkle-mas

Glitter Sparkle Christmas Nails

It's still Christmas, this post still totally counts. I've been really busy today... killing dragons. Skyrim has been resurrected from the pile-o-games that I never quite finished the first time around. It's still just as addictive. I'm missing my family a ton, but being so far away means playing Skyrim all day in my pajamas guilt free. I'm taking a small break from dragons to post these sparkle overload nails.

Skyrim screenshot. Dragons!

Glitter Sparkle Christmas Nails

I used a ton of polishes for these nails.
Thumb: Spoiled, Daddy's Credit Card; LA Colors, Sparkling Diamonds and Tinsel
Index: China Glaze, Seeing Red; Milani, Red (large hex glitter); 
Sally Girl, Red Glitter (snowman bottle)
Middle: Orly Color Amp'd, Hollywood Royalty (Christmas present from mom. Thanks!)
Ring: China Glaze, There's Snow One Like You; Zoya, Cosmo
Pinkie: Spoiled, Distant Memory; Milani, Teal (large hex glitters)

Most of these took three coats for complete glitter awesomeness, but were chosen because I know they have great coverage in about 2 coats. The Milanis are great for being packed with dense glitter. I feel like my nails are covered in metallic wrapping paper.

Glitter Sparkle Christmas Nails

If not for the 75% off clearance sale at Sally's tomorrow, I wouldn't be leaving the house at all this weekend. Aside from that one short excursion I'm looking forward to two more solid days of dragon killing, looting and general mayhem. What are you up to this weekend?

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