Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lilac Whisper, A Nail Fail and My Thoughts on Anna Karenina

Nina Ultra Pro Lilac Whisper Swatch

I feel like I should apologize for another extended absence. I got the crazy flu that's been going around and had six days in a row where my temperature was over 100 degrees. I spent a lot of time napping and watching Netflix. Today is actually the first day I've gotten home after work and felt up to doing anything besides taking an hour long nap before dinner.

Let's take it nice and easy for my first day back with a swatch of a pretty Lilac color. The brush in this Nina Ultra Pro bottle seemed even wider than their normal gargantuan brush. I could almost coat my entire nail in one stroke. This made application a little tricky, but the formula was nice, with good coverage in two coats.

Nina Ultra Pro Lilac Whisper Swatch Nail Fail

Above you can witness my nail fail in which I tried applying metallic temporary tattoos to my nails. I found body-sized tattoos at the dollar store and thought it would be fun to try on my nails. I had to cut out the bits I liked to fit, then had trouble placing them on my nails. The one on my middle finger is way off center and too far down.. and what's going on with the ring finger... is it wearing a bow tie? A sad, sad bow tie that decided life wasn't worth living and tried to bleed out all its color with the top coat. The thumb might have been cool, except like most foils these things decided to wrinkle up when I applied top coat. I'm still on the quest to find one that doesn't ruin nail foils. The lilac was so pretty by itself I was really wishing I'd left it alone.

Anna Karenina

While I was painting these nails I was watching Anna Karenina so now you must all be subjected to my highly educational and serious book/movie review. I couldn't help noticing that Anna's cuticles are a bit dry. I guess those are the perils of winter in Russia! I read the book (or should say finished reading) sometime last year. I started it around Christmas 2013 and it took an absolute eternity for me to push through and finish the thing. I read bits and pieces off and on throughout 2014 and finally kicked my butt into gear to finish it around April of 2015. I kept feeling like there would be some grand epiphany, but the book pretty much ended the same way it started. Some stuff happened, then some more stuff happened and some people did a bunch of stuff. They talked about things and had philosophical ideas. Anna is in it.. part of the time. You'll meet some other guys too. The movie is a condensed version that leaves out a ton of plot points from the book. I thought it was fairly well done and had a very Baz Luhrmann feel to the directing (it wasn't Baz, I checked.. again). I'm mostly happy if the movie can avoid changing the plot entirely which this movie achieved. I can't really blame them for leaving things out. That book was seriously long! I never felt bored while reading, but I also never felt inspired to pick the book up when I wasn't reading. I'm glad I got through it and I'm sure it's a beautiful work of art, but I can't find the motivation to say I "loved" it. It was an experience and one I'm glad I've had if only to say I did it. 
The End (hope you enjoyed my novel too).

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