Saturday, July 2, 2016

4th of July Nails & Chasing the American Dream

4th of July flag nails with crackle polish

Happy 4th of July weekend! So, I kind of took an unintentional month off from blogging because sometimes life happens like that. We've been house hunting over the last two months and it's been a little bit soul sucking for me. Nothing like looking for houses on a tight budget to show you exactly what your place is in society. I've discovered that my place is manufactured homes from the 70's. But that's ok, because just like my dollar store nail polish budget I'm totally going to rock it and find the perfect (old) place that my husband and I can fix up and call our own. Lucky for me I really like painting.

4th of July flag nails with crackle polish

I wanted to do a more abstract flag design instead of the traditional stars and stripes and I've been looking for a fun way to use some crackle polish that's been languishing in the helmer. They turned out so bright and fun and I'm excited to show them off this weekend.

I started by painted three fingers with Sinful Colors, Snow Me White. I added two coats of Wet n Wild, Break the Ice to add some shimmer, then topped it off with a coat of red crackle polish that came in a Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers set. The blue nails are two coats of LA Colors, Reckless and one coat of Color Club, Sky High. I used my new clear stamper from Born Pretty to individually place each star image from Bundle Monster plate BM-206 + Mundo de Unas white stamping polish. I don't have any plates with a full nail image of stars so this was a good test of the clear stamper. It's finicky actually picking up a full, crisp image, but once I have one on the stamper it's really easy to place it exactly where I want it on the nail. I might keep my eye out for a clear stamper that's slightly stickier, but this one is good enough for the low price of $2 and free shipping on ebay.

4th of July flag nails with crackle polish

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