Saturday, November 26, 2016

Am I Too Late For Fall Nail Art?

Acorn fall Thanksgiving nail art

I always have such good intentions and then my Thanksgiving/Fall nail art is two days late. I recently switched out my old iPhone for a shiny new LG hoping that it would make this whole blogging from the phone thing easier. I've discovered that the blogger app is complete trash and the chrome browser is somehow even less cooperative than Safari was. I have to hold on to the hope that this phone is way smarter than me and I'm doing it wrong but maybe I can figure it out someday. 

In other news, we've discovered a fun new game at the house that I've lovingly named "Ant or Hair." Random tickle on my face, neck or arm? Is it an ant or a hair? Hint: it's probably an ant. We've been playing this game far too often lately despite using three different kinds of ant poison. I might enjoy the wet weather but apparently the ants do not.   

Acorn fall Thanksgiving nail art

I've seen a few versions of these cute acorn nails floating around the internets so I can't claim to have invented the idea but I'm a total sucker for cute printed nails and wanted to give it a try myself. Brown = Spoiled, Pumping Gas. Cream = Revlon, Sheer Cotton. This one is true to its name and needed three coats for opacity. Acorns = Spoiled, Only In Creams with white accents. The acorns were hand painted using a small nail art brush. I topped everything off with Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat.  

Acorn fall Thanksgiving nail art

If y'all have any tips on blogging from an android phone or getting rid of horrible ants let me know! Happy late Thanksgiving.

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