Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My First Franken

Hi everyone! It's been way too long. My best intentions to keep up with posts while on vacation didn't really work out. There were too many things to see and do and our internet connection wasn't the best so I decided to take a mini vacation from blogging as well. I'm back now and battling some serious jet lag, but I have a small back log of nails to share so I hope you enjoy these while I get settled back in.
A while back I was lucky to win a giveaway from Becca at Franken Femme. The prize included a custom franken polish (which I'm still dying to try) as well as some loose glitter for my own frankening experiments. The glitter is a mix of just about every color and shape imaginable so I had a lot of fun deciding what to pair it with. I bought a few bottles of the cheap Wet n Wild top coat  to experiment with and got started on my first franken.

I started by pouring out about a quarter of the bottle of top coat to make room for all the glittery goodness. I wanted a teal shade for the base so I poured in alternating amounts of Spoiled, Distant Memory (a dark teal creme with subtle shimmer) and Sinful Colors, Mint Apple (a minty teal shade with more obvious shimmer) until I got the color you see here. Then I started adding in scoops of the glitter mix using a spoon and a homemade foil funnel. I really should have gotten pictures. It was quite a mess, but worked pretty well all things considered. A note for future frankeners- top coat isn't suspension base. All my glitter sinks right to the bottom. It's not really a big deal for me since I can give it a good shake when I want to use it, but you definitely wouldn't want to attempt to make a professional product this way. I applied three coats for maximum glitter coverage. No fishing or pushing was required. I really crammed a lot of glitter into that base. Just look at all that shimmer!

I decided to name this shade Elevator to the Moon. +10 internets to anyone who gets my obscure song reference. And a big thanks to Becca who always reminds me to keep it classy and creative and who inspired this awesome franken.

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