Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Limited Edition Polish

You've probably noticed by now I'm a complete sucker for inexpensive polish. I don't think I own a bottle that I paid over $7 for and the majority of my collection is $2 and under. When I saw that Wet n Wild had put out a limited edition collection, Pop Art Craze, I had to have them. I embarked on an epic journey to make them mine. Aka- I went out to my local Walgreens right after work and bought them. I was excited to find the collection on sale for 69 cents each during the whole month of July. Unfortunately my Walgreens was already out of one of the colors, but I picked up three of the six for next to nothing.
The six colors are:
Blank Canvas
I already have several bottles of French White Crème so I opted out.
The Clock Strikes Orange
Sunny Side Up is pictured here instead. I thought they looked too similar, but in retrospect I wish I had picked it up anyway. You know.. for the sake of the collection.
Teal Slowly and See
This is the one my Walgreens was out of. I'm a bit confused why teal is in the name because if you check out swatches it's definitely light blue.
Stand the Test of Lime
Listening to Blue Reed
Who Is Ultra Violet?
My first thought was to use these colors for an awesome stamping gradient. I don't have much to show for it because Blue Reed was the only one that wasn't too sheer to show up even over white. What you see here is two coats of French White Crème stamped with Blue Reed at the tips and Sinful Colors, Endless Blue up top with Bundle Monster plate BM-201. I don't remember a time that I've ever hated my nail art more than this. I managed to wear it for one day fully intending to obliterate it once I got home from work. But laziness struck so instead of starting over from scratch I just used a small brush to paint the Pop Art colors on top of my failed stamping. I'm kind of liking how it turned out with the stamp showing through the sheer colors.

I used a small nail art brush to free hand the designs and a dotting tool for the dots. The colors had a psychedelic feel to me so I went with it. I'm much happier with my results the second time around.

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