Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chainmail Nails

Chainails? Yeah, that doesn't really work. This weekend my husband and I went to Las Vegas for a mini vacation. Last summer United delayed our flights to Thailand by a collective day and a half and I was able to complain my way into two $100 travel vouchers. Where can you go for $100 and a relatively low chance of getting your flights all screwed up again? Vegas! We decided to see the Tournament of Kings show at Excalibur so I did some festive chainmail nails to match.

For this look I started with two coats of OPI, 4 In The Morning. After waiting for it to dry I stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-210 and Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Pure Chrome. This is the vintage version of the new Color Foil polishes that Sally Hansen recently released. My old one is still awesome all these years later and works perfectly for stamping. If you're hesitant to buy the new Color Foils I'd say go for it. I picked up three of the new colors already and so far they seem very similar to the old formula. I'll have a full review up for those a bit later. This particular stamping image is not quite a full nail design, but it worked well enough to get the chainmail effect, plus I'm finally getting better at stamping. !! :)

Here's a shot of my nails in action. Dinner is delivered minus the silverware so I had a good time ripping apart the chicken with my armored nails.

We had front row seats and it was cool to see everything up close. I loved seeing how well the horses were trained and how the riders connected with them. The show was super cheesy (in a good way) and a lot of fun. Aside from the show we spent most of the weekend walking around the strip. My feet are so tired! I think I've seen enough to last me a few years, but just in case we go back later let me know what your favorite things are to do in Vegas.

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