Sunday, May 18, 2014

Clinton Kelly Fashion Show - Part Two

As seen in yesterday's post I got to see a Clinton Kelly fashion show at Macy's. I also did some Clinton inspired nails so check those out if you missed them. Today I wanted to share some pictures and fashion advice from the event. Sorry, no nails this time, but I'll be back with more later this week. Also, same as yesterday I should mention that I'm being compensated by the Everywhere Society to blog about this event, but all opinions are my own.

The first thing I noticed about Clinton is that he's a very animated speaker. It was hard to photograph him because he never stands still and his hands are usually doing something. He's very charming and incredibly funny as well. He talked about butts and boobs a lot. I love that he's not worried about saying the "right" things. Nothing is sacred which lead to a lot of funny moments. Sadly we weren't allowed to get video, but he has a ton online if you're looking for a fun way to spend some time.

The first trend of the show was all white. Clinton says the key elements of an outfit are color, texture and shine so if you're going to take away the color be sure to add back lots of texture and shine. These outfits had lots of those elements in the form of lace, sheer panels, tailoring and metallic accents.

 More very animated talking.

The next tip was about adding easy upgrades to your wardrobe. Clinton says the three easiest things to add that will make the biggest impact to the way you look are dark jeans, jackets and ballet flats. By trading in faded jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and tennis shoes for these items you'll automatically look more put together, plus they're usually very comfortable so why not make the switch?

Next up was pencil skirts. For each look Clinton explained how women of all different sizes and ages can wear current trends by choosing the right colors and cuts and accessorizing appropriately.

These cute little cropped pants are called stiletto pants. Of course I immediately thought hey, they stole that name from the nails (who cares if the shoes came first). I'll be honest, as a short girl I don't think I would ever wear these. Clinton's advice for women who want to wear pants like this but aren't super tall and skinny is to make up the proportion by choosing a pair with a high waist to make the legs seem longer.

My favorite part was the dresses. The one above has a super cute triangle cut out in the back and I like the mixture of patterns. Below Clinton showed a faux wrap dress perfect for curvier girls, a dress with inverted pleats that gives shape without too much fullness for a taller lady and a cute sun dress with edgy mesh panels in the back for the younger ladies.

 Clinton gave a talk at the end that made a lot of sense. He said if you went up to a friend and told her "I hate your hair/skin/body" etc it would probably ruin her day. So why do we say these things to ourselves? I know I do it all the time. It's so hard not to! We all have things we don't love, but we should try to take the h-word out of our internal dialogue. No one is perfect and tearing yourself down doesn't accomplish anything. He also says don't compare yourself to what you see on TV or in magazines. Most of it is photoshopped so much it's not real anyway and who knows.. those girls might be crazy. There might have been something else about inner beauty but I was laughing too much about Clinton's description of the stylist leaving at the end of the shoot with his bag full of fake hair leaving the crazy models behind to remember.

I also had a great time meeting some local bloggers. Their blogs aren't nail related, but if you're looking for some new reading material check them out.

Our Misadventures- Meg has been my friend for a while and I absolutely love her and her blog about digital scrapbooking as well as some fun personal tidbits here and there.

I met Jacqueline of Nerd Family just yesterday but you all know I'm on board with just about anything nerdy.

I also met Amanda who writes Fashion, Love and Martinis, a blog about plus size fashion. I love her style! So comfortable yet feminine at the same time.

The other bloggers are also covering the Clinton even on their social media accounts so if you want more fashion tips and pictures be sure to browse through their Twitters and Instagrams too.

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