Thursday, October 30, 2014

Red & Black Vampy Halloween Manicure

Red and Black Vampy Halloween Gradient Manicure with Bird Skull

Ah, Halloween. The one time of year when my macabre sense of style is somewhat socially acceptable. This little bird skull usually lives in my hutch, but I think it makes the perfect prop for a vampy Halloween gradient. I also love how the slightly pointed nail shape makes this manicure look a little more wicked.

Red and Black Vampy Gradient Halloween Manicure

The downside? Red and black polishes are both a serious pain to clean up and gradients are messy. I tried the glue thing for the first time and I have to say it was pretty helpful. Before I started painting I used a small brush to paint a layer of white school glue around the edges of my nails and cuticle. After I was done painting I peeled the glue off and 90% of the cleanup was done already. It was a little tricky getting all the glue to peel off at once, but definitely worth the extra prep work. 

I started with one coat of Spoiled, Hit The Brakes which is a slightly jelly red that has great coverage. Next I painted half red and half black on a makeup sponge and sponged each nail moving up and down slightly to blend the colors. I did this about 3 times on each nail to get full black coverage on the tips. I finished up with top coat to smooth it all out 

Red and Black Vampy Gradient Halloween Manicure

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