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Minx Nails Review- Ribbon Candy

Minx Nails Ribbon Candy Holiday Design

Minx Nails Ribbon Candy Holiday Design

Candy cane nails! I guess this means it's officially Christmas time. Recently in one of the Facebook groups I frequent, Krystal of Polish Galore, was offering the chance to try some Minx nail wraps through Beauty Collection. I have very mixed feelings about the nail wraps I've tried in the past, but this was Minx. These wraps have quickly become a celebrity favorite, and seem to have a great reputation. My Minx arrived in the cutest packaging ever and I was excited to try them out. Read on for my full review.

Minx Nails Ribbon Candy Holiday Design

 My set of Minx came with two strips of wraps in varying sizes so I could match up which ones best fit my nails. There are a few more than what's needed for all ten fingers since everyone's nails are different sizes. The two largest sizes are really big on me. They would be perfect for adding an accent nail on your big toe to match your manicure. Rumor is they last an extra long time on toes too.

The packaging gives full instructions for application. My best tip that isn't included in the instructions is to choose a size that's slightly smaller instead of larger than your nail if possible. Trimming them on your own nails is a bit tricky, but they won't adhere correctly if they overlap onto the skin.

Minx Nails Ribbon Candy Holiday Design

Minx Nails Ribbon Candy Holiday Design

 The design I got is called Ribbon Candy. It does remind me of those sticky hard candies people put out at Christmas, but no one ever actually eats.

No drying time- you're ready to go instantly after application.
True foil finishes- this is what Minx is famous for. The finish didn't dull over time at all.
Interesting designs- the fine lines would be very difficult to achieve with polish alone. Unless you want to talk about stamping..
Long lasting- they were stuck on really well and took some coaxing to remove. Personally I like changing my polish more often, so the longevity isn't the biggest selling point for me, but I could see myself using these more on vacation when it's not convenient to polish.

Tricky to apply- I don't do wraps often, so I know I'm not the best at it, but neither is the average polish user. I suspect it would become easier with practice. I pressed so hard trying to smooth out the edges that I made my nail beds sore.
Tip wear- yeah, it happens with wraps too. You don't get chipping, but the ends do start to wear off as you can see below.
Sticky tips- it didn't seem to matter how much I filed, the ends felt ragged/sticky for the first day or two and caught on fabrics.
Removal- definitely not as bad as glitter polish, but not as easy as regular polish. I soaked my fingers in olive oil and then gently pulled them up, but my nails were still left with some peelies and a rough feeling in a few places.

I think the little wrinkles I had at the sides actually smoothed down by themselves after a couple days. Unfortunately, that's when the tips start to wear. Despite some imperfections I still got a ton of compliments on these. The foil is really shiny and catches the light so they look good at a distance even when the tips are worn. The light base color also helped to make it less noticeable.

At the two day mark there was just a little bit of tip wear. After seven days there was quite a bit of wear, but to their credit they weren't in any danger of peeling off. What was left was still firmly adhered to my nail so I didn't feel like they could catch or peel off while doing normal activities which was nice. I was really hard on my hands this week too, so the wear is probably a bit more accelerated than it would be for people with less crazy jobs. 

The retail price for these holiday wraps is $18. They're available at all Beauty Collection locations, but there are only four in Southern CA so that makes them a little hard to find if you don't live there. I didn't see the holiday wraps on the Beauty Collection website with the other Minx products, but I hear $18 is a great price for Minx, so check out the other designs while you're there.

Minx Nails Ribbon Candy Holiday Design

Next time I have a comparison: Minx vs Jamberry vs regular nail polish. Check back in a few days to see how that went.

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