Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Nubbins Need

Nubbins Short Nails- Broken Nail with Rainbow and Galaxy

Yesterday was my two year bloggaversary. I'm not really great about celebrating these things and I almost thought about putting together something a little more special for the occasion, but looking back at the nubbin-rific, poorly cleaned-up atrocities that were my first posts this is totally fitting. 

Over the summer I had a pretty bad break on my middle finger. I wouldn't say I was devastated, but "pretty sad" might accurately describe my feelings. The first and only thing I could do was paint a jokey rainbow and galaxy manicure entitled "Sad Day" with an arrow pointing to the worst part of the breakage.

Nubbins- NYC Manhattan Swatch

I've collected all my nubbins pictures here in one post, because nubbins need love too after all. I definitely wasn't going to stop painting my nails waiting for them to grow out. I have nothing against nubbins in general. It's just that I've kept my nails long for such a long time that I'm used to that look on myself so anything else feels weird. The other thing I think nubbins need is dark colors. The bolder shades help my little nails stand out more. 

Above I've swatched two coats of NYC, Manhattan. It's a rich plum hued vampy polish that had a decent formula without too much bleeding into the cuticles. That's my pet peeve with this type of shade- it can be a pain to clean up. I like the formula better on this polish than I do a very similar OPI that I have in my collection. Yay for the budget polish!

Below I have black nails with a some different kinds of flakies. I used LA Colors, Broken Hearted which has the bigger shards and small holographic glitter. I also threw on some Finger Paints flakies from the Kaleidoscope Collection. Sorry, I can't remember which one exactly- probably Abstract Attraction. I think I see a hint of purple in some of the flakey bits. 

Nubbins- Finger Paint Flakies, LA Colors Broken Hearted

For my last nubicure I tried the Quatrefoil technique following this tutorial by CristabellNails. It's really hard to get everything spaced out correctly! I'm sure it didn't help that my nubby nail was significantly shorter than the others. I love the look of this though. I really should try it again now that my nails are all the same length again. I used Essie, Chinchilly for the base and Ulta, Moody Blues for my accents.

Nubbins- Quatrefoil nails with Essie Chinchilly

It didn't take too long at all to get back to normal. A lot of the intermediate length nails already got posted so now I'm back to super long like magic. I've been posting a ton of stuff out of order this year. Sorry (not sorry)! At the two year mark I can look back and say I almost always post what I want, when I want and that keeps me happy. I really enjoy this little blog and don't want to burn out. 

Thank you so much to all of you who have stayed with me and helped to share my nail obsession! I've made some really great friends and been enabled to buy more pretties than I know what to do with sometimes. Here's to another year of whatever shaped nails happen to come my way.

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