Sunday, January 25, 2015

China Glaze- Release (Giver Collection)

China Glaze Release The Giver Collection Swatch

I've got a quick swatch for you today. This is Release from the Giver collection by China Glaze. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've read all four books in the series. Based on some of the reviews of the movie I think I might try not to spoil things too much by watching a movie that will just make me angry... like the Divergent movies. I mean.. did they even read the books when they wrote that screenplay? 

I will tell you, I thought the Giver was the weakest book in the series (even though it was still pretty good). The next three books each build on the original story in a unique way. When it all comes together in the last book it's almost magical. I could be wrong about the movie though. If you've seen it would you recommend it?

China Glaze Release The Giver Collection Swatch

I've got on two coats of Release. It has a nice formula- good opaque coverage without dragging. This purple shade is similar to a few others in my collection. The smoky grey tint is what makes this one a little different. With purple and grey being two of my favorite colors of course I love this one.

China Glaze Release The Giver Collection Swatch

I wasn't really impressed with the giver collection as a whole, but I'm finding I like the colors individually much better. Some of them don't seem to "go" with the others, but on their own the colors are interesting and just different enough from others I own to make them worth buying. I ended up with only three out of the twelve shades, but I'm happy with the ones I got. What did you think of this collection? Do you have a favorite polish from it?

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