Thursday, January 1, 2015

MMXV- Happy New Year

Orly Mirrorball with Glitter Placement

 Happy New Years! Late as usual. It's still the 1st in every US time zone though! This year I won't be making any resolutions about being "on time" with my blogging schedule, that's for sure. I had really good intentions of getting this post up early, but then video games happened. In fact, video games even trumped the delicious breakfast I had planned to make. Sometimes these things get out of hand. Every time I blow off one hobby for another I can't help but think of Cartman.

Orly Mirrorball with Glitter Placement Happy New Year 2015 MMXV

I wanted to do something a little different for my 2015 New Year's manicure so I painted Roman numerals instead of the regular numbers. I'm loving it with the shattered glass stamp and glitter nails. Annnnd I'm getting way ahead of myself. 

Hey look, it's Orly's Mirrorball. Everyone has been going crazy for this polish. It's a silver holo with a very subtle scattered holo effect. What makes this one special is the slightly larger holo glitter particles that catch the light even more than the holo base. I found it at Sally's on clearance which meant I had no choice but to bring it home with me. I wanted to go all out with this mirrored look so I added some accent nails. I used a toothpick dipped in candle wax to pick up and place individual holo glitters from Born Pretty. It takes a while, but it's worth it. I feel like my fingers are tiny disco balls. 

Another plus for Mirrorball- it wears great. I'm off work this week so I've been a little easier on my hands than usual, but no tip wear and I've had this on since Monday. I added the stamping and numerals today and the original manicure still looked perfect. I stamped with Mundo de Unas black polish and Bundle Monster plate BM-208.

Orly Mirrorball with Glitter Placement Happy New Year 2015 MMXV

I went out shopping on Tuesday (Christmas money.. weeeee) and found a Mirrorball dress!! Yes, I tried it on, and yes, there is a very rare and elusive selfie of me wearing it below. No, I didn't buy it. It was a size too big and just a little too flashy for my boring lifestyle. At least my nails will always be crazy even if my wardrobe isn't.

Orly Mirrorball with Glitter Placement

Mirrorball Dress Selfie

Yay! Happy 2015 everyone! I can't remember being this excited about a new year in a really long time. I hope this year turns out amazing for all of us!

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