Monday, February 16, 2015

Just Put A Heart On It

Valentine's Day Stamped Nails- Bundle Monster, Mundo de Unas

Sooo... the 14th happened. I'm so enthusiastic about Valentine's Day that I waited two whole extra days to get around to posting these nails. Today (Monday) we have a holiday from work and I took this whole mini vacation thing pretty seriously. Out of the three days I've spent well over 20 hours playing Elder Scrolls Online. Gaming is serious business. Even nail time must be sacrificed in the name of leveling.

Anyway, here are some nails. These are totally Valentiney because look.. hearts and stuff. My base is one coat of Sinful Colors, Snow Me White with one coat of Spoiled, Pearly White Teeth on top. This was followed by five coats of flakies which disappointingly didn't really shine the way I wanted. Flakies used: Finger Paints (from the Kaleidoscope Collection) Colorful Dream, Psychedelic Hue, Abstract Attraction, and Vivid Reflection. I also used Color Club's Snow-Flakes. 

I used a couple different Bundle Monster plates for the stamping- BM-411 and BM-606 The polishes are Red and Mexican Pink from Mundo de Unas and Maybelline's Bold Gold. I painted different colors across the stamping plates and gave it multiple scrapes to mix the colors together a bit for a gradient effect.

How did your Valentine's go? Anything exciting?

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  1. How you had the patience for FIVE COATS of flakies in beyond me!! I do love the stamping though <3