Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sally Hansen Patent Gloss Review

Sally Hansen has just released three new special effects collections based off of fabrics. The new line includes Velvet Texture, Luxe Lace and Patent Gloss. I received this red shade, Moto, to review and I'm in love. This red would have been perfect for Valentine's Day, but I received it just a few days too late. Really though, does anyone need an excuse for the perfect classic red? Above I have pictures with one and two coats to show just how fantastic the formula is. I think the second coat did give it a little extra shine, but the coverage and gloss was pretty great after only one coat. All of these pictures are without top coat to give you an idea of how shiny it is on its own. I added some later to speed drying time, but it didn't need it for the gloss factor. Moto applied very smoothly with no patchiness or pooling. If you're looking for a super shiny easy to use red this is it.

This polish looks bright in direct light, but the picture below is a bit more true to how it appears in most other lighting. It's a rich vampy dark red and still so shiny after two days of hard wear at work. I'm kind of dying to try the Velvet Textures now if they're anywhere near as great as this one.

What's your go-to red polish? I think this might be my new one!

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