Saturday, April 25, 2015

Electric Nights Neon Blobicure

China Glaze Electric Nights Collection Summer 2015 Neon Blobicure

Welcome to my very first blobicure. I thought this technique was going to be easy, but it's a little trickier than I expected. Since the Electric Nights collection from China Glaze worked so well for water marbling I thought they'd be great for a blobicure too. The colors are stunning and I think it came out pretty well for a first attempt.

China Glaze Electric Nights Collection Summer 2015 Neon Blobicure

Here are some helpful tips on how to blobicure:
1. The base coat needs to be thick and very wet. Do one nail at a time so the polish is fresh and the blobs can spread correctly. I painted a thin base on each nail first and went back with a thicker second coat later. I think the first coat helps by outlining the area where the thick polish will go and gives it a base to float on.
2. Be ready to blob. I opened the caps on each of my blobbing polishes ahead of time so I'd be ready to pull out the brush and place the blobs as soon as I had painted my base.
3. Use the right amount of polish for your blobs. You'll need to wipe some of the polish off the brush, but not too much. If you get too much polish your blob will start to take over the entire nail (like the top one on my ring finger) but if you wipe off too much you'll have a hard time getting the polish to spread.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful if you decide to try this technique yourself.

These are the colors from the Electric Nights collection that I used:
Blue base- DJ Blue My Mind
Blobs- Red-y To Rave, Glow With the Flow, Violet Vibes, Plur-ple
Red base- Red-y To Rave
Blobs- Home Sweet House Music, DJ Blue My Mind, Violet Vibes, Plur-ple

I played around with some other color combinations on my off hand. These were my favorites, but all of them looked great. I love that this collection coordinates so well together. It's been fun trying all the different combos.

China Glaze Electric Nights Collection Summer 2015 Neon Blobicure

I've still got a few more Electric Nights looks coming. Is there anything you'd like to see with these polishes? I'm still completely addicted and willing to try anything so let me know.

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