Thursday, April 9, 2015

Orly- Key Lime Twist Swatch

Orly Key Lime Twist Swatch Sugar High Collection Spring 2015

Neon time! I'd say it's getting closer to summer, but here in CA it's been summer all year long. I recently picked up Key Lime Twist by Orly. It's a really bright yellow slightly green leaning neon creme. I really wanted this polish because it's very similar to another color I own that has a terrible formula. I always want to wear it, but never want to deal with the goopy, sticky formula. Thankfully this Orly polish is much better behaved. Key Lime Twist is from the Sugar High Collection. I'm already kicking myself for not picking up more of the colors. At first I wasn't too excited about the others (lots of pinks and purples) but the more I don't have them, the more they're growing on me. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to find them in the clearance bin soon. I really hope I'm not the only person who does this.

Orly Key Lime Twist Swatch Sugar High Collection Spring 2015

I'm wearing 2-3 coats in these pictures- no white base coat was needed. This polish is nice and opaque on its own, but true to the nature of neons it was a bit streaky. Some nails covered nicely in two coats, but some needed three to cover up the last bare patches.

Also, apologies for the lumpy middle finger nail. I had a horrible break as you can see from my previous posts that I'm still working on growing out. The nail is now entirely held on with glue from the Orly Nail Rescue kit (I'll be giving this kit a great big positive review post soon). I didn't do the smoothest job with my patch, but I am super pleased though that it's still holding nicely three weeks later and the nail is well on its way to growing out.

Orly Key Lime Twist Swatch Sugar High Collection Spring 2015

Overall I love this polish. It's eye-searing just like a good neon should be and the formula is good so I'd have no hesitation wearing it over and over again.

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