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Dove Dry Spray Review- Influenster TryDry Spray VoxBox

Dove Dry Spray Review- Influenster TryDry Spray VoxBox

I've got another beauty related review for you today. These Dove dry sprays are courtesy of the Influenster TryDry VoxBox. You may remember, we've already been down this road with Influenster once before. Given how I absolutely hated the dry spray the first time around I'm surprised they wanted to do this again with me. My main complaint with the first spray I tried, Degree Dry Spray, was the overwhelming smell. It was a "sport" formula with "fresh energy" scent. 

I was willing to try again because Dove is generally supposed to be a bit more natural and gentle on the skin and I had higher hopes for the cucumber "cool essentials" scent. This VoxBox also came with a men's version. Given that I'm in possession of a husband who could be convinced to undergo this experiment with me, Influenster sent the box on its way and here we are.

Guy with a siamese
Here are both of my boys trying out the dry spray (no kitties were sprayed during the production of this review).
One Saturday morning before our usual grocery shopping trip we both sprayed up and were on our way. First of all we were more than happy to be leaving the apartment because the spray fumigated the entire place better than a bug bomb. So sorry we had to leave the kitty behind to marinate. Though the scent was definitely more pleasant than the previous variety, it was still terribly overwhelming. You can't really control the extra spray and fumes that spread around as you're spraying your under arms. 

We could smell each other's sprays the entire car trip to the store and back through several layers of winter clothes. By the time we got home we were both overly grumpy and on edge from the constant barrage of scent. It should be noted that we're both extremely sensitive and picky about scented products and generally try to avoid them.

Lasting power: this stuff has it. They advertise 48 hours of antiperspirant and I believe it! I was able to wash most of mine away in the shower. The husband wasn't so lucky. He used 4 different kinds of soap and even borrowed my shower poof to scrub, but the scent clung to his under arm hair and wouldn't let go. He smelled of the stuff for hours afterward.

Maybe we overdid it the first day. I had a hard time knowing how much was enough or too much to use. When it sprays on it's pretty much instantly dry, so it was hard for me to decide if I'd done a thorough job with the application. I also felt that it was a bit gummy under my arms, so maybe that indicates I did use too much. Husband has a job where he works in close contact with people and wants to make sure he's not the smelly guy at work, so he's been using his spray in small quantities. He's still not crazy about the scent, but appreciates the heavy duty antiperspirant and not sweating when the temperature fluctuates in the office.

My overall feelings: this product isn't for me. I don't like spraying something into the air that I'm potentially inhaling. I don't like the imprecise application. I really don't like the scent. If they made a truly unscented version I still don't think I'd love it. I just don't feel like this is the best value for my money and y'all know how cheap I am. At $5.49, each can claims to last up to 8 weeks. My usual brand costs less, works well and lasts probably over a year since I usually go really light on the application. The dry sprays just couldn't win me over.

Dove Dry Spray Review- Influenster TryDry Spray VoxBox

The cans have a cool design that I think would make for some interesting nails. I didn't have time to actually paint the nails, but I threw together the polishes and supplies I'd use if I were going to do it. For my manly can I have: Spoiled- Permission To Proceed, Revlon- Magnetize, Sinful Colors- Your Turn, and Revlon- Iconic. I like the bottom image on Bundle Monster plate BM-412 to match the dots on the can.

For my girly can I put together Sinful Colors- Snow Me White, Zoya- Sailor, LA Colors- Current and Maybelline Color Show- Bold Gold, along with a nail art brush to paint some designs like a cute cucumber print or navy and gold stripes.

Dove Dry Spray Review- Influenster TryDry Spray VoxBox

Have you tried the dry sprays before? Let me know what you think! I'm curious to see how other people feel about it.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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