Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Retro Cartoon Heart Shaped Nails

Valentine's Day Nails- Heart Shaped, Cartoon Style

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm not really big into this holiday, but still wanted to do something cute on my nails. The husband and I exchanged chocolate and I'm more than happy. Can't ask for much more than an excuse to stuff my face. Some people go all out though. Check out this article that says women spend an average of $100 and men $200 for V-day. Crazy!

Valentine's Day Nails- Heart Shaped

I actually wore these nails plain all week, but I kept thinking they needed something more. Finally after 5 days of wear I added the dots and outline and I love it. They look like retro cartoon hearts. I wish I had done it sooner since now it's time to take them off after only a day and a half. 

I started by filing my nails into points to create the bottom half of the heart shape. The base is two coats of Zoya, Godiva (Pixie Dust). I used a detail brush to draw the upper shape of the heart and then filled it in with the brush from the bottle of NYC, Carnival Red.

I used a dotting tool to add pink dots, and a nail art brush for the black outline and white "shine" marks. This NYC red was the perfect shade for some bright V-day art.

Valentine's Day Nails- Heart Shaped, Cartoon Style

Valentine's Day Nails- Heart Shaped, Cartoon Style, NYC Carnival Red

Here's my Valentine's gift to myself:

Side Shave Hair & Heart Nails

I've been dying to change up my hair, but can't have it too crazy for work. This hidden side shave is perfect since you can't see it at all when my hair is down. Check out CosmeticsByAnna on Instagram to see more pics of my new style and her amazing work with color. Someday I want to go for full on rainbow ombre hair if I can get the OK from the boss. A girl can dream.

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