Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19- National Garlic Day- Garlic Nails

National Garlic Day Garlic Pattern Nails

National Garlic Day y'all!! I know I got pretty fake excited over Big Wind Day, but my excitement for Garlic Day is completely genuine. Garlic all the things! 

Garlic is my absolute favorite seasoning for foods. I put it in everything. Not sweets. That's just weird. I guess I probably could have stuck garlic cloves to my nails as a jokey manicure for today, but I couldn't waste the precious garlic. Instead I've painted a cute garlic pattern onto each of my nails. I had to quiz my husband... "Honey, what does this look like?" He looks for a few seconds.. "Umm.... garlic?" he says, with a terrified look like if he's gotten it wrong I'll probably have a meltdown case of nail rage. But of course he's right because every nail design I think up in my head comes out perfectly on my nails the first time every time. Isn't that how it works for every blogger?

National Garlic Day Garlic Pattern Nails

For my delicious garlic nails I've used China Glaze, Life Preserver as my base. The formula was a little thin and runny on this one, but manageable. I got good opaque coverage in two coats. I hand-painted the garlics with a small nail art brush by layering two tan colors, OPI, My Vampire is Buff and Finger Paints, Don't Make a Scene. I outlined them and drew in the cloves with Spoiled, Pumping Gas.

I had just finished painting and was taking the first of my nail pictures when I heard from the kitchen the distinctive sound that is the papery skin being torn off the perfect garlic I'd painstakingly chosen at the store that morning. Nooooooooooo.... I needed that for my pictures!!!! Well, at least the painting went reasonably well. I got a photo with what was left of my magnificent head of garlic and I got to eat it with dinner, so life isn't too bad.

National Garlic Day Garlic Pattern Nails

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  1. I really like this nail design and I also got the idea for an interesting nail art :)