Monday, April 10, 2017

Getting Spongy

In more ways than one? In the spirit of sharing all the boring details of my life I feel compelled to tell you that I'm on a very depressing diet of healthy foods. I've been feeling a little extra around the middle lately and I've finally found the motivation to eat healthier and exercise a bit. It's been almost three whole weeks and not much progress aside from having kickass nails. I'm currently cheating with a delicious beer at my favorite brewery.

These nails were inspired by a cool Instagram pic which I fully intended to link and give credit to until the untimely demise of my beautiful new phone. I haven't been able to find the original picture after losing all my saved files. If you know who did this first let me know. I'm back to using my nearly unbearable iPhone but that's a story for another day. 

I started with a base of Nina Ultra Pro, French Pink. Next I taped off sections of the nail, 4 times for each. Using Seche, Calla Lily, I sponged a light layer so that the white polish built up more at the tip. The effect is subtle but really cool. I want to try this again with different colors.

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