Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Last night I celebrated by watching movies in my pajamas and going to bed at 11:30. It might sound boring, but it was actually pretty great. Every dream I had last night somehow involved manicures. Either I've been reading too many nail blogs or it's a sign of all the blogging to come. Anyway, happy New Year!  

 I've got on a shimmery color by Love and Beauty from Forever 21 called Blue/Green. In the bottle it looks teal with purplish pink shimmer at certain angles. It didn't really show up well in the pictures though. Here I have a black base coat which really makes a difference in the color. I've placed little glitters from the Born Pretty store using one of my dotting tools to make the numbers and also the gradient on the thumb.

On my right hand I didn't use the black base coat so you can get an idea of what this polish looks like on its own. I've got on two coats of Blue/Green along with one coat of Teal, a teal, green and silver glitter from Milani and one coat of Sally Hansen's In the Spotlight which is a sparkly bar glitter.

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