Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 3: Water

I can't believe it's week three already. This week we're doing water Pokemon and I've chosen Poliwag.

Sure there are cooler water Pokemon like the fearsome Magikarp or the adorable Vaporeon, but I was suckered in by Poliwag's magical belly swirl. According to the Pokedex the swirl is acutally his intestines which you can see because his skin is transluscent. How could I go wrong with that?

Here's the Poliwag that inspired my design.

What I used:
A dotting tool and small paintbrush
White- Finger Paints, Paper Mache
Blue- China Glaze, Shower Together
Black- Wet n Wild, Black Creme

Here's a closeup of Poliwag. For some reason I can't remember now I thought it would be best to paint a white base on each nail and then paint on the blue edges with a small brush. As you can see the results are a bit patchy.

Check back next week for Bug type Pokemon.

Week 3: Water


  1. Noooo he has a cute storyline in the animé he's dead cool!

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