Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 2: Rapidash

 Week two of the challenge is fire Pokemon. I chose Rapidash because I thought it would be fun to try his fiery mane as a gradient.
I started with two coats of Sally Hansen, Expres-so Yellow and then sponged on Wet n Wild, Sunny Side up and Spoiled, Hit the Breaks onto the tips. I'm not super impressed with my gradients yet, but I feel like I keep improving each time so hopefully someday I'll be a pro.
I painted my tiny Rapidash using a small nail art brush and Finger Paints, Don't Make A Scene.
Here's a shot of my right hand. It seems to be a trend these past couple weeks- my "wrong" hand is turning out almost better than my good one. I was in a hurry to finish up and not paying attention to blend the gradient smoothly. I think this hand ended up looking much more like flames than the other.

Here's one more close up of Rapidash.
Here are links to everyone else's fire Pokemon:


  1. That's so cool! :) The fire you drew is just awesome. I also prefer your wrong hand.

  2. I love these theyre so good! I agree on your gradient - weird sometimes that your non dominant hand turns out better! My right hand is shaky so nail art very rarely happens on my left hand! :) x

  3. I really love this manicure, so cool! I'm the same way, so often my right hand turns out better than my left. It's so strange, but I am kind of ambidextrous so there ya go :P

    I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! congratulations :)

    1. Melanie, thank you so much! I really appreciate your nomination.