Sunday, April 14, 2013

Laid-Back 31 DC: Merge or Melt

Today's theme is a little vague, but that's ok. I had the idea for this manicure already in my head and just needed to figure out how to fit it in with the theme. It worked out pretty well in my opinion. In honor of my cousin's wedding this weekend I went with merge (get it?) and took my inspiration from their beautiful invitation.

I painted my thumb, index and pinkie finger with Orly, Androgynie. The greenish gold micro shimmer and jewel toned hexes were very reminiscent of the colors in the peacock feather so it seemed like a good choice. I was also convinced that it was a dark brown jelly, but the internets assure me it's actually black. On the middle and ring finger I started with two coats of Sally Hansen, White Tip, then to tone down the brightness I added a coat of Wet n Wild, 2% Milk which is a pinkish nude. I painted the feather with a small nail art brush and these colors:
Nina Ultra Pro, Big Spender
Nina Ultra Pro, Mossy Britches
LA Colors, unnamed green
China Glaze, Shower Together
Zoya, Julieanne

I love how the closeups show the depth of Androgynie. The formula was a little runny and I had to shake it like crazy to get the hexes unstuck from the bottom of the bottle, but overall it wasn't bad to work with. I was also really surprised at how easily it removed even with the glitter.

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  1. Erin this is gorgeous! Definitely one of my favorites you have done :)