Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Laid-Back 31 DC: My Oldest Untried

This one was a difficult challenge for me. I have the tendency to come directly home from the store and put on whatever polish I just bought so I rarely have any polishes that sit around for more than a week or two. I saw Whirled Away by China Glaze at my local Sally's way back in December. In fact, it was the one and only bottle they had left from the Circque du Soleil collection (if you'd like to see more of the collection Vampy Varnish did a lovely review of the entire thing here). I couldn't resist. Even though I was supposed to be finishing up some Christmas shopping instead of buying polish for myself, into the bag it went. And then it sat... for these sad three months.

It turns out that I liked the idea of it way more than I like the actual polish itself. It reminded me of some of the cool indies I see swatched everywhere, but in the meantime I saw so many better, more unique swatches and this one sort of lost its luster. Flash forward to yesterday night and it really lost its appeal. This polish is a pain to apply. The bar glitter and hexes are floating around in this clear base. Hardly any of the glitter sticks to the brush and even less stuck to my nail. This coverage is the result of some major fishing around, dabbing and forcefully shoving into place with the tip of an orange stick. This is such a strange feeling for me. Usually I'm happy to overlook issues with formula because I love each and every one of my polish babies, but this one may just have to go back into the Helmer never to be seen for many more long months.

Whirled away is shown here over two coats of Spoiled, Fuzzy Dice (pink) and Sally Hansen, Ion (grey). Also 3 coats of top coat. The glitters stick up like crazy and I hated the way it felt rubbing against my fingers. Annnd now I feel bad being so mean to this poor polish. I do like how it looks, but it sure was a lot of trouble.

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