Saturday, April 6, 2013

Laid-Back 31 DC: My Favorite Polish

Today's challenge was to create a manicure using my favorite polish. The hardest part was deciding which one that was. In the end I picked this purple polish. It's been with me a really long time and it's the first polish I had to really search for. I had to have this exact shade and looked so many places before I found the "right" one.

Years ago I saw a girl with this purple french tip manicure and loved it so much. I wanted to recreate the mani that prompted my massive search for the perfect purple.
Perfect purple: Savvy, Deep Amethyst
Silver stripes done with a striping brush: Spoiled, Daddy's Credit Card
Awesomely stained naked nails: years worth of polishing with no break



  1. Think its only noticeable close up. Have you thought about using a sheerish mani pink colour as a base? It could hide it a bit if it bothers you.

    Anyway, really like the purple tips, think simple often looks so much better than extravagant nails :) x

    1. The funny thing is I just bought a sheer pink for that exact reason and then stubbornly didn't use it. Oh we'll, next time. :)