Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cupcake Nails

The other day I was browsing through the archives of a new-to-me blog. If you've never seen Lab Muffin I definitely recommend checking it out. In addition to the typical nail art and makeup reviews, the author, Michelle, also gives really cool and easy to understand scientific explanations on how the products work. I came across these cupcake nails and knew instantly I had to have them for my own. The only problem- hers were super detailed water decals from an overseas company I'll likely never get my hands on. "It couldn't be too hard to hand paint, could it?" I naively asked myself. Of course it was! But I did it anyway.

The ice cream sandwich on my pinkie is practically begging me to kill him now. Whatever ice cream sandwich.. you still look delicious and I would totally eat you.

Colors used: so many!
White base- Wet n Wild, French White Creme
Blue dots- Wet n Wild, I Need a Refresh-Mint
Pink Dots- Wet n Wild, pink? no label
Purple Dots- Sinful Colors, Candy Coated
Yellow Dots- Sinful Colors, Unicorn
Cupcake bodies- Finger Paints, Don't Make A Scene
Cupcake frosting- Wet n Wild- random pink (strawberry and ice cream sandwich filling)
Spoiled- Pumping Gas (chocolate)
Spoiled- Pearly White Teeth (soft serve) 
Spoiled- Plastic Flamingo (unnaturally bright pink frosting)
Sprinkles and faces- acrylic paint