Monday, August 5, 2013

Toesday- Silver and Studs

I love painting my toe nails and I really want to share, but feet, right? I went through high school under the delusion that I had "cute" feet, but as an adult I've come to my senses and realized that cute feet are like unicorns.. not real. Growing up really sucks! Despite my better judgement I'm attempting to start a new segment here on my blog. Toesday (on Tuesdays.. get it?) where I share all my crazy pedicures. So cheesy/lame. Perfect. 

I just picked up a couple of the China Glaze holos on sale at Sallys last weekend. I almost didn't buy them because they look so lackluster in the bottle, but after seeing some swatches I was surprised and willing to give them a try. They really do pop once they're painted on. This is two coats of Cosmic Dust. I added two rows of medium sized studs from Born Pretty. I love how the holo looks like liquid metal in the sun and the studs really pick up the light. It feels very futuristic.

Ok, be brutally honest. Should I stop this madness now? Do you kinda like it? Let me know.

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