Monday, August 12, 2013

My July Haul or Why I Don't "Need" More Polish

I've never done a haul post before, but I figured this would be a good time to start. July was a record breaking month for me. I acquired a total of twenty five new polishes. That's a lot for me! I'm curious- what's the most polish you've ever bought in one month?

Whipped * Deluxe * Sunkissed * Dazzle * Hottie * Flurry * Hysteria
My local Dollar Tree had a giant end cap full of these LA Colors polishes for... a dollar. My husband actually picked up four of these for me because he's awesome and he was afraid all the good colors would be gone before I got a chance to look myself. Definitely keeping him. I've already tried Whipped (and Dazzle) in my last post and it may be my new perfect nude. I also tried Hottie here. I get the feeling the others will have to languish in my helmer for a while before I get to try them all (we still have 18 more polishes to go).

Only in Creams * Champagne Siren * Fair Metal * Vamp 'n' Vinyl
Spoiled is one of my favorite brands. It's inexpensive ($1.99 each) and they usually have great colors that I don't see anywhere else for that low of a price. My CVS had just put out six new colors on a random shelf since they don't fit in the normal display. I somehow managed to come home with only these four. I had high hopes for this nude, but the LA Colors shade ended up looking a bit closer to my skin tone (ghost-like pale) so I don't know when I'll get around to this one. I used the gold glitter in my last glitter gradient and was really impressed with the coverage. It's really densely packed in there. I also tried Fair Metal, but not on myself yet so sadly no pictures. It did have a great formula though. I've got Vamp 'n' Vinyl coming up in my next post so watch for that one later this week.

Endless Blue * Totally Cool * Red Red
These were purchased randomly throughout the month from various drug stores. I used Endless Blue in my failed stamping adventure. It was my fall back when the first polishes didn't work and it actually stamped really well plus it's such a vibrant bright blue. I didn't have anything quite like it in my collection so obviously I needed it. I bought the Milani because purple! And the red because I didn't have a true red cream and also the name is great.

Cosmic Dust * When Stars Collide
I was on the fence about the China Glaze holos which you may have read about here, but I'm really happy I got them. I picked them up when Sally's was doing their buy one get one free sale on China Glaze. They were on clearance for $5 so that means I got them for $2.50 each. I really can resist polish when the price is that good.

Stand the Test of Lime * Listening to Blue Reed * Who Is Ultra Violet? 
These were on sale at Walgreens last month for 69 cents each plus a limited edition collection. I tried all of them out in this post.

My unnamed Thai beauties. I tried the first three here, here and here.

I'd disgrace my name if I didn't give you some nerdy statistics now. I've tried 14 of the 25 polishes so that's 56%. I'd say that's a pretty good rate for trying my newbies. Of course I had to count my entire hoard of polish which is now up to 176. That means that my July haul now makes up 14% of my stash. Another fun fact- 10% of my polishes are currently on top of my desk instead of in the helmer where they belong.
Now for the real numbers- prices. One of the goals of my blog is hopefully to show that you don't have to have really expensive polish or supplies to make great nail art. I tend to favor the cheaper brands because as much as I'd like I don't have an unlimited budget for polish. I bet most of you can relate. :) I love sales and giveaways and try to keep costs down as much as possible. That being said my totally overboard month ended up costing a total of $30.84. That gives me an average of $1.23 per polish. The cheapskate in me still manages to cringe a little, but the polish addict promptly overrides it with giddy satisfaction. I can hardly wait to try out the rest of these.


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