Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Witcher (Video Game) Nails

 Did I mention yet that I love video games? Aside from nails they're my biggest obsession/hobby so I'm excited about these nails. The inspiration for today's post came from one of the entries in my giveaway (which is still open if you're interested). One way to enter is by commenting with what you'd like to see more of and one awesome reader said that she'd like to see more gamer nails. I started this blog with the intention of doing a ton of those and somehow got distracted- so many things to paint and such a short attention span! I'm glad to get my priorities back in line and show you these nails inspired by one of my all time favorite games, The Witcher. There are 2 games out in the series now with a third one in the works for next year. I can't wait, but luckily I have plenty more games to distract me until then.

I loved the colors and grittiness of this poster so I copied the look for my nails. In case you're curious here are the basics of the game: Geralt is one of the last remaining witchers (a monster hunter with mutations that give him super human powers). Geralt has amnesia so you learn his story with him as you go. The moral choices you make determine the game play so the story can be a bit different each time and there's always the lingering question of who the real monsters are, the beasts or the men. I'm a sucker for a good story in a game and this one has a great one. If you've played it let me know- do you love it as much as I do?

I started with two coats of LA Colors, Whipped which is a nice nude. I used a make up sponge to sponge on a darker brown, Pumping Gas by Spoiled mostly to the top and sides of my nails. I went back with the sponge and my black polish from LA Colors to darken up the tops even more and then used a small brush to paint random stripes and blotches in black. The lettering was painted on with the small brush and Sally Hansen Chrome polish in Pure Chrome. For the red nail and the red accents I used Wet n Wild, Red Red. On my thumb I also sponged around the edges with Sation, Sparkling Ruby to give it some depth. The distressed look was made by wiping most of the polish off the brush from the black polish and swiping that over the nail.

Here's one of my "off" hand. Without the lettering these would be perfect for Halloween. 

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