Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Toesday: Navy With Stamped Stripes

It's Toesday again! I can't believe I'm still feeling brave enough to show my feet on the internet, but here I am for the 3rd week. I love painting all my little toes a dark color and then doing something different and fun on the big toes. I started by accident with the design in this post (which I did over a year ago) and now can't stop doing it. I think this navy/nude rendition came out really nice. 

I used Ulta, Moody Blues for the little toes and stamp and Ulta, Set the Nude for the big toes. The formula on both polishes is great and I love the grey tone this nude has. The stamp is Bundle Monster plate BM-210. My stamping skills are still a little lacking, but the second attempt was respectable enough to show. What do you think? Can I make foot blogging happen?

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