Saturday, September 28, 2013

Influenster Sargento Cheese Vox Box: A Cheese Koozi!??!! and Matching Nails

A story about love, betrayal, Influenster and how I got free cheese. 
A while back one of my blogger friends, Becca of Franken Femme, posted about the Vox Box she received from Influenster. It looked awesome! Free things to review? Sign me up! And so I did sign up. I spent hours.. filled out a couple dozen surveys and did a couple dozen more reviews of products, linked up all my social media accounts and waited.. for a long time. Days even! Influenster gives you a score based on your social media presence. Two weeks later my score was still firmly stuck at 0. How is that even possible? It was fun filling out all the surveys and reviews, but shouldn't it count for something? So I wrote the whole thing off. I didn't sign in, I didn't do any more reviews. I basically forgot all about it until I got an email saying I had pre-qualified for a Vox Box. It was truly a very exciting day. When I found out I'd get to review cheese I was even more excited. I love a lot of things, but cheese rates really highly up there. Somehow my Influenster score had magically jumped to 69 and a box with a coupon for a free pack of cheese and a delightful cheese koozi (really never thought I'd be typing those words together) arrived in my mail box.

Tons more pictures and my Sargento Cheese review after the jump.

About the nails:
I used the design from my cheese koozi as inspiration for my nails. I thought it would be a fun (and cheesy) way to keep my review relevant to the world of nail blogging. They turned out really cute and are perfect for fall now that the weather is starting to change. I used two coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Brick Wall for the base. The leaves/branches were painted on with a tiny nail art brush using LA Colors, White and Nina Ultra Pro, Mossy Britches.

The cheese:
When I opened my Vox Box I found the cheese koozi, a coupon for one free full sized package of Sargento cheese snacks and another coupon for $1.00 off. When I took my coupon to the store I was happy to see that Sargento had a lot more choices than the typical string cheese I usually buy. I chose one of my favorite cheeses, Sharp Cheddar. They also have regular or light string cheese, pepper jack, and cheddar-mozzarella. I love that it's so easy to grab a stick to throw in my bag for a snack later. I'm pretty lazy and I'm not likely to get out a block of cheese and cut off chunks to take with me. The cheese koozi is great too because warm cheese is kinda gross. I've taken a stick to work several times in the last week and the cheese really helps hold me over till lunch when I get hungry mid-morning. I also ate one today while I was painting my nails. The package is easy to open when you're trying not to mess up wet polish and it's not messy at all so it was really easy to eat. The sharp cheddar has a nice rich flavor and it's a little softer than your typical cheddar so it has a nice texture for eating by itself.

Ohh look, so healthy. We all know what really matters when it comes to healthy foods is if it's delicious and something you actually crave when you're looking for a snack. I've got a fridge full of healthy things like carrot sticks that never sound good when I'm feeling snacky. These cheese sticks are different. I find myself eyeing them hungrily when I catch a glimpse of them in the fridge while making dinner.  This is a healthy snack I actually want to eat.

The inside of the box was really cute.

If you're curious and want more info check out these websites:


  1. such fancy packaging for cheese! love the nails!!


  2. Lucky lucky! I'm jealous. My score is sitting at 75 (despite all my expertise being 80+) and I have yet to get a Voxbox. Congrats though, and great nails ;D