Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heavy Metal

This weekend the husband and I are going to a music festival. His best friends are in one of the bands playing at the fest. Now, I'm no expert (most of what I listen to puts normal people to sleep), but from what I've heard AOD makes some brain-melting, face-searing metal music and I wanted to do some heavy metal nails in their honor. The festival is at a giant campground so everyone is setting up tents and camping out for the night. I know I'm pretty girly when it comes to nails, but I'll take pretty much any excuse to camp out with the husband. I've got a combination of three different camping mats that are almost as comfortable as our bed at home. It's pretty exciting stuff.

I've got on two coats of LA Colors, Black. The blue nail is a gorgeous shimmery Color Clubs shade called Sky High. I've covered my two accent nails with studs from Born Pretty.


  1. May I ask what AOD stands for?

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  3. Fundamental sub-kinds of Grindcore: Deathgrind, Noisegrind, Blackgrind (same as apparition metal for the most part), Goregrind.
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