Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Freak Show- Halloween Nails

Hello nail friends! Today I have an extra "freaky" manicure to show you. Ever since I got this matte grey polish from the Sinful Colors Leather Luxe collection I've been obsessed with the idea of using it to make elephant skin. When I heard that the theme for this year's Bundle Monster Halloween nail art contest was Cirque du Freak I knew that I had to do an elephant man for one of my freaks. 

Please, please, please- if you like my mani vote for me in the contest. Only the top 13 entries get to move on to the next round. Yikes! There are over 100 entries so that's a pretty steep cut to get to the next phase of judging. You can vote here (once a day until October 23rd if you want)- my entry is on page 5. It just takes a minute and I would really appreciate the votes. I'm hoping my awesome elephant trunk and your love will be enough to get me to the next round.

Here's a who's who of my tiny freak show
Old Time Freak Show Poster
Fire Eater
Bearded Lady
Elephant Man
Fiji Mermaid

For the thumb I found an authentic Freak Show font and printed it out really tiny and then made a decal by tracing over the lettering with acrylic paint to get the really crisp letters for my poster. The background is Zoya, Richelle stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-301 and Sation, Sparkling Ruby. The freaks were hand painted with a tiny brush and a combination of polish and acrylic paint. I made the bearded lady's beard out of little bits of faux fur. My elephant trunk was borrowed from a small toy elephant (sorry sir, I think it hurt me more than it hurt you to cut your trunk off). I made a decal for the mermaid tail with plate BM-209 and then added a belly button.. mermaids have those right?

 I can't get enough of that trunk!

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