Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Day Late and 42 Cents Short

Wow, I'm really on top of things tonight. I've caught the cold that everyone I know now has and my brain is working at half capacity. I will push through to bring you all some new nail art. :) I've tried my hand at some stamping again and it's nearly passable this time! I keep missing the tips and edges so I thought I'd finally spring for one of those fancy XL squishy stampers everyone talks about. I even have a gift card to use. I went on Amazon tonight all ready to place my order and my gift card balance is 42 cents short of the total. Sigh. Which obsession to favor more? Getting all the things for my nails or being extraordinarily cheap? 

I've got another polish to show you from one of my favorite bargain brands, Spoiled. This is one of the new shades called Fair Metal. It's a gorgeous pink foil that has a ton of shimmer. I spiced it up a bit with stamping and some individually placed glequins from Born Pretty. The thumb is plate BM-319 and the middle is BM-214 from Bundle Monster. I used Wet n Wild, Black Creme for the stamping. For the accent nail I used Spoiled, Daddy's Credit Card which seemed like a nice corresponding silver to the pink. I also added a coat of silver glitter which you can't really see- Sinful Colors, Queen of Beauty.

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