Sunday, October 13, 2013

The End and a New Beginning

Friday marked the closing of my 50 Follower Giveaway and the winner has been emailed. My favorite part of the whole thing (besides giving away some goodies) was reading the comments everyone left for me. There were so many nice things said and many great suggestions given. Thank you so much to everyone who entered and left those awesome comments. One of my favorites was the suggestion to make my blog more me. I've been meaning to for a while so that was my first order of business. How do you like my new look? The real "me" has a very conflicting aesthetic. I'm either way too understated or way way too over the top. I decided to stay with the simple grey background I originally chose because as I was making my new header and pondering how many unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, kittens and glitter I could cram in my sensible side (and lack of Photoshop skills) told me sometimes less is more. 

Here's a look back at my older (and more questionable) header choices.

This one will probably look familiar since it was active until just a few hours ago

Does anyone remember this beauty? I'm just going to assume that no one will try to argue that the new header is not also improved.

So welcome to all my new followers and thanks so much to my old ones. I hope you stick with me long enough to see me through my next rainbow unicorn phase. Although if you like those things I promise I probably won't get tired of them any time soon. ;)

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