Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bacon Nails

Mmmm... bacon. Some friends of mine have started a new tradition. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is now (and hopefully forever) Meatsgiving. This new holiday involves getting together with all your friends for a huge potluck dinner. Bacon is highly encouraged in every dish. Some highlights this year were Hog Log (a sausage & cranberry mixture inside of a woven bacon wrapping- surprisingly delicious), bacon chipotle hummus, twice baked bacon potatoes and maple bacon cheesecake. I felt like a holiday this good needed some recognition in the form of bacon nails.

Ingredients for bacon nails:
2 coats Wet n Wild, Haze of Love
1 bit of plastic/foil/whatever you like to mix polish on
1 small nail art brush
1 drop Finger Paints, Don't Make A Scene mixed with 1 drop Haze of Love 
to make the pink meaty bits
LA Colors, Whipped painted in random lines to make the fatty bits
Mix it all together in random vertical lines to resemble bacon, 
add top coat and let dry several minutes

What do you think about Meatsgiving? Is this a holiday you could get on board with?