Monday, December 30, 2013

Franken-Fest 2013: Welcome To My Sparkleverse

I'm back as promised with my second franken. I must have gotten lucky because I'm blown away by this polish. I've worn each of the polishes in this franken alone and in a few different combinations, but I've never been so impressed by them before.

I stumbled upon this recipe for greatness while painting glass gems for my candle holders. I put sheer toppers on several gems and went back later with darker polishes to finish them off and one combination happened to be e.l.f. and Love & Beauty. It was gorgeous and the shift was amazing. I knew I had to franken them! Both of these polishes have a slight purple shift on their own, but neither show up very well outside the bottle. I mixed in a few other things and came up with a little polish I like to call Sparkleverse. 

The ingredients:
e.l.f.: Unnamed polish. It just says 20147 on the label. I got it from Target at Christmas last year.
Love & Beauty: blue/green
Spoiled- Violet Femmes
Color Club- Snow-Flakes
Fantasy Makers Confetti- Glitz (loose holo glitter)

The shift is still a bit hard to capture, but I think I got it there on the pinkie. The best part is the wear time on this polish. I was really disappointed in the e.l.f. polish by itself. The last time I wore it there were chips within the first day. I've had this franken on for four days now and there isn't even noticeable tip wear. If you've got any e.l.f. polishes lying around that you haven't been using because of chipping (or smell) issues making a franken may be the perfect solution!

 Tomorrow's franken is a dupe of a popular Butter London polish. Can you guess which one?


  1. This one is seriously impressive Erin, nice job! It totally "blue" me away. Yeah, I said it....

    1. Thanks! That means a lot from you :) and I love your puns!

  2. This franken is so beautifulll! Amazing job!