Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Frosty Fingers

I've been saving this polish for the appropriate time of year and I think it's finally arrived. This is one of the Kelly polishes I got in Thailand and it's a very frosty blue foil. It's gorgeous.. and I hate it. There's nothing wrong with the polish at all. The formula was good and it had nice coverage in two coats with minimal brush strokes but I almost always dislike pastel polishes on my own nails (they look great on everyone else). I also really don't like the color blue. As far as colors go it's my 4th least favorite. Teal, turquoise, robin's egg, navy- great! But if it's a pale, pastel or medium blue then I don't want anything to do with it. I'm also really curious why colors that look great to some people look awful to others. The human brain is a complex and mysterious thing!

Here I added a coat of a gorgeous franken that I won from a giveaway from Franken Femme a while back. It's some kind of amazing holo flakie concoction that I really love. I think it adds to the frosty effect. I'll definitely be showing more of this polish later.

Annnd stamping. This is Bundle Monster plate 323 and LA Colors white. I got a new XL squishy stamper and I love how it wraps around the nail completely but I'm still having trouble figuring out which polishes work with it. I have several white polishes that the stamper refuses to pick up. I'm disappointed that this one isn't very bright against the background, but my thicker whites weren't working. More experimenting is definitely in order.


  1. I looooove light and frosty and this color is just gorgeous in that finish, lol. Our brains are indeed complex :D And the FF topper... Perfection. That girl is so talented. Beautiful mani in all its stages, imo :)

    1. Thanks! Becca does always seem to come up with the best polishes. I love showing them off. :)