Friday, January 31, 2014


How's everyone doing today? I can't lie, I'm really excited for the weekend, but not for the same reason as the other 90% of America. My parents are finally home after three years out of the country and the whole family is getting together on Sunday. They don't have a TV after being gone so long so we will definitely not be watching the Super Bowl. The only reason I'm even a little disappointed is because this is the only Sunday of the year when I can do my grocery shopping in almost completely deserted stores. Clearly I'm not much of a sports fan. If you love football which team will you be rooting for?

Now, on to the nails. I painted some random doodles over my base of Victoria's Secret, Break the Rules using Maybelline's Bold Gold. This gold is wonderfully opaque and gives a nice contrast against the teal glitter. I just don't love all the patterns I drew. The glitter was so pretty on its own I almost instantly regretted painting over it.

The leaf on my thumb was my favorite design. I'm making a note for my future self.

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