Friday, January 24, 2014

Surprisingly Aquamarine

What is it about short weeks that actually seem longer? I had Monday off for the holiday and the rest of the week has been extra hectic. I think everyone saved all their crazy up and made sure to unleash it over the last four days in concentrated form. The stress has sent my brain into overdrive, but I've come up with all kinds of ideas for manicures and franken polishes. Hopefully you'll enjoy the results over the next few weeks.

The polish I have for you today is extra sparkly and fun with a hint of crazy to go along with the rest of my week. It was so bright that the camera wouldn't even focus on it correctly!

I got some pictures out in the sun that really capture the sparkle. While the rest of the country is buried under a snow storm we broke records today at 76 degrees here in CA so there's not shortage of sunshine for great pictures. I think the brand of this polish is a bit of a surprise, at least it was to me. Every year for my birthday I get a $10 off coupon from Victoria's Secret. I don't really need anything there at the moment, but I can't let a coupon that good go to waste and I knew they had polish so off I went. The last time I was there the polish was all pretty ordinary- nothing to get too excited about. This time two colors really caught my eye. I got this gorgeous aquamarine glitter called Break the Rules and a similar gold glitter called Runway Angel. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I used one coat of Orly, Teal Unreal as my base topped with three coats of Break the Rules. It had really nice coverage with one and two coats, but I wanted more and it paid off. The formula was nice, but it did show wear a little fast. I think glitters can be brittle that way especially with all the extra coats so it wasn't a big deal. I'll definitely be wearing this again and keeping an eye out for more great polish at VS.


  1. Lol, the last picture totally looks like you are holding the bottle up in triumph. Love the glitter, so much so I might be taking an unplanned trip to VS. Great find!

    1. I'd say finding a polish this good is a triumph... or I might just be totally awkward with the flat bottle. ;)