Thursday, January 16, 2014

You're Blushing

I'm back today with more love for Orly and some little nubs (well, for me anyway). I have to laugh when I say that because they still look long, but I cut so much off. They were starting to get little tears at the edges and I knew this week would be rough at work so I didn't want to tempt fate. If I can make it to Memorial Day it will officially be a year with no breaks. I get really amused the first day after trimming when I'm able to use my index finger like a stylus on my iPad instead of having to flat-finger it like usual. #longnailproblems??

I've got on two coats of Orly's You're Blushing. I love this shade because I can't decide if it's more purple or pink and it has just a hint of grey. It may be my perfect neutral- just different enough that it could never be boring while still being perfectly classic.


  1. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! It reminds me of one of my current Zoya crushes, lol, Odette.

    1. I thought it looked a lot like the new Zoyas. I really love all those natural shades right now.